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We are a well experienced B2B trade company that has specialized itself on the sale and distribution of non-woven fabrics for industrial as well as everyday hygiene use (e.g., medical applications, absorbents, and industrial wipes).

In addition, our company is famous for the sale and distribution of different building materials (e.g., marble, tiles, dry walls, cement) as well as workwear (e.g., helmets and clothes).

With more than 28 years of experience in the international trade, our company has been actively doing business mostly in the European and MENA region.

Our multidisciplinary team of experts provides full-fledged services from the sourcing to the after-sales support of our wide array of products.

We attach an utmost importance on the right cost/performance ratio and a hassle-free and fast sales process. Thanks to our strong network of reputable and reliable business affiliates, we can provide to all sorts of customer needs.

Besides the trade of the above-mentioned products, our company has been providing consultancy services to companies that engage in the import-export trade from and to Turkey.

Our long-term objective is to grow our market share by expanding our base of business affiliates and customers, to increase our product range, to establish new standards for “customer satisfaction” among our fellow competitors, to seek new business opportunities, and to establish a sustainable and long-lasting business model.

Our Vision

It is our vision to become the first point of contact for the purchase and sale of non-woven industrial and everyday hygiene products, construction materials and work clothes. At the same time, we aim to establish a reputation for hassle-free, cost-effective, and fast business transactions.

Our Mission

In order to fulfil this vision, it is our mission to increase our base of satisfied business affiliates and customers step by step. Therefore, for us, it is of critical importance that our business partners and clients conclude their business transactions both cost and performance-efficiently.

Business-to-Business Trade Activities & Products

Our business-to-business activities include re-sells of specific goods produced by others.

Up until now, we have been conducting transactions as a raw material supplier in the manufacturing process. We have trustable sales and supply chain relationships with several producers or commercial retailers. In this way, we are committed to quality service and end-to-end processes.

Our products are called Nonwoven and used in the following sectors.

Medical Equipments


Industrial Wipes

We aim to be a global trade player as a wholesaler in specific sectors with specific goods. Thus, we intend to be a business-to-business trader in several sectors while ensuring the quality of the products, the capacity of the producers and clients’ satisfaction.

Our Objectives

Growing our market share by satisfying our customers’ expectations. To see new opportunities in the global and domestic market to sustain a reasonable growth rate in the business.

New Opportunities

To see new opportunities in the global and domestic market in order to sustain a reasonable rate of growth in business.

Product Variety

Increasing the range of products we supply.

Customer Satisfaction

Re-defining the standards of ‘customer services’ by fulfiling customer expectations.

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